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Pin Thread Sand Blasting Machine


TS1011-7A automatic sand blast machine is designed for cleaning pin thread of oil pipe according to your product features,blasting requirements and factory existing pipe transport conveyor. To remove the burr(oxide coating), pretreatment of surface finishing, electroplate, and painting; at the same time, improve the adhesion and corrosion resistance of coating.

Working Principle
The machine is with siphon cabinet, that is, uses a compressed air stream inside a siphon blast gun to create a vacuum in a chamber creating a negative pressure, pulling the abrasive into the nozzle and spray out to achieve the effect of sand blasting processing.

This machine is mainly composed of sandblasting cabinet, front vestibule, gun moving mechanism, blast guns, blower system, air blow device, machine moving mechanism, separator, dust collector, electrical control system, etc.

Machine Footprint                                L5000mm * W1170mm * H3600mm
Total installed power          6.5kw(not include pipe conveyor and rotation system)
Air Consumption                                         0.8-1.2m3/min/0.5Mpa/gun

Working Speed Required

For example, process diameter φ114 pipe, working productivity is about 1pcs/0.5min (the actual effect is based on the debugging).

Numbers of Operator Required: 1 person

Before processing begins, the worker shall first check the abrasive storage hopper to see if the abrasive is adequate, close all doors and open the main power switch.

Operator stand in the operation area, push the button of ‘machine forward”, when it reaches to the specified position, then start the dust collector and pipe rotation system, finally start the sandblasting button; There is a timer, when the sandblasting job is finished. The machine automatically stop and move out.

Several mechanisms cooperate with each other to ensure that the steel tube is uniformly sandblasted in place. All the above operations are carried out under manual conditions.

If customer enter the long-term batch production, only need to start the automatic button, all the agencies start up.

How does Automatic Condition work?

  1. start DC fan first,

  2. when the steel pipe is ready and gives a signal to sand blasting machine,

  3. the machine automatically moves towards into position (the distance can be manually set and adjusted), and send a signal to pipeline line,

  4. the pipe starts to rotate automatically.

  5. sandblasting machine starts to blast (sand blasting time can be adjusted), when the sandblasting time is up,

  6. air blowing working

  7. and then feedback a signal to the steel pipe transmission line, steel tube rotation stop,

  8. machine moves out to the opposite direction,above action cycle work.